15 Ways to Build Backlinks to your Website

It does not matter if you have a new or an old website, backlinks are a necessity in today’s internet world! If you are struggling to get backlinks or wondering how to incorporate SEO backlinks for your website, then it is a good news for you! The article here, further, discusses 15 easy ways that you can use for link building for your website to ensure a better search engine ranking. For getting backlinks, there are many link building tools available nowadays. While some of them are paid, others are free. For the start, it is advisable to go for the easy and free link building that will yield a good result for your website!

Before going any further, let us first tell you in brief what backlinks actually are and how they work!

What are backlinks and how do they work:

A backlink, in simpler terms, is a hyperlink on any external website that leads to your website. They can be called as external backlinks or inbound backlinks.

The more backlinks are been used for your website, the more people will come to know about your site and come to visit it. The one thing that you need to keep in mind is the backlink used for your website should be by an authoritative external website and related to your industry or content.

Gradually, when your website has high quality backlinks, it starts ranking in the search engine and hence, your website gains popularity. This is the reason and the purpose for using backlinks to your website!

Now that we know what backlinks are and how they are used, let us get into some techniques and ways to build backlinks to your website!

Ways of Building Backlinks:

The importance of backlinks are immense, so, why not dig in deeper to find out some amazing and simple ways to get a higher ranking for your website? Have a look further to inculcate these in your website and get some free backlinks.

  1. Quality and a link-worthy content

Only writing is not enough! In a world where there is competition in every step, you need to be unique and stand out of the crowd, in order to gain a better position in the competition. Hence, writing a quality and link-worthy content is the key for building SEO backlinks. Your blogs need to be relevant to your topic and good-to-read. The external websites will find your backlink to be valuable only when it is unique and reader-friendly, providing straight information through words!

However, there are certain types of contents that seems to attract more backlinks than the other ones. To ensure that your website gets a higher ranking, few things that you need to follow while structuring your article are:

  • How-To content: blogs that have steps or “how-to” do certain things are been preferred by the readers because as per statistics, they are easy and fun to read!
  •  List articles: articles that contain a number in their title is catchy than simple and plain title articles. List articles are the ones, which have their main information mentioned in the title of the article along with some numbers. For example, “10 easy steps to lose weight at home”.
  • Quiz: articles that contains quizzes or question answers in them are way more interesting to the readers than any simple and plain structured article providing information. Always remember to make your quizzes or questions relevant to your topic.
  • Guides: people love reading short blogs or guides to know about anything without going into its very details. The articles, which acts like guides are tentatively more attractive in terms of building backlinks than the rest of the articles.

2. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a traditional yet a tried-and-tested method to increase SEO backlinks for your website, which ultimately helps in higher ranking of your website in the search engine. Guest blogging includes various individuals to write in your website as a result, many people come to know about your website as a whole. If the contents written by the guests for your websites are unique and good, you will definitely get more than one backlinks from there!

For a better understanding of the concept of guest blogging, you can go to any website and check out their option, phrasing “write for us” or “guest article”. This is nothing else than creating SEO link building for the betterment of the website!

Once you get that option, all you need to do is write contents that will be immensely important for the website and convince them that your content will equally be interesting for the readers to give it a read! Get ready now to get some good number of backlinks for your website!

3. Infographics or Images

Sometimes reading long contents without any images or infographics kind of gets boring for the readers. That is when the need for inserting images come in your content! Infographics are nothing but information presented in the form of a table, picture or a graph that will excite the reader and catch their attention immediately. Images downloaded or captured can also be used for the same purpose. The only thing that needs to be kept in the mind is everything that you are inserting in your content should be relevant to the topic, and you will be getting some high quality backlinks for your website within no time!

4. Try and create a Skyscraper content

If you are confused about this step of building SEO backlinks, then do not worry, as we are here to explain it to you! Skyscraper content is a simply a backlink strategy, which involves finding the existing popular and unique content online, improving it and simply copying the backlinks.

Whenever you search up something in the Google, the first link that it shows is the most famous website or link and it contains the maximum backlinks. Choose the information from those websites and write your own content without duplicating the exact thing from there, and make it better than the original version! You can add images that was may be not present in the original article, add more information or cut out some information that is not needed and improve it in an overall manner! You can use some link building tools to check out the backlinks of the content and post it in your website with a yet another catchy and interesting title!

5. Comment on high quality blogs

The most easy and common way to get backlinks for your website is to comment on high quality blogs. Remember to keep the comments genuine and original so that you can gather some good amount of backlinks! Leave a comment that would make the other readers communicate with you in the comments section or something that would encourage the website owners to talk to you. In short, your comment needs to create an impact for the content, in order to gain good backlinks. Select only high quality blogs for gaining backlinks through comments because ordinary blogs would not be of any help for you!

6. Answer on Quora

If you are okay with the concept of commenting on high quality articles, then you can answer questions on Quora as well! As known by everyone, Quora is a question-answer site that has questions related to a variety of topics and answers are been provided by the readers with proper information. You can search your genre of topic (for example ‘MBA tuitions’) and the related questions will be displayed in your screen. You can now answer them with your expertise and provide the correct answers! Whenever you are answering questions, remember to add the link to your website for getting higher number of backlinks and in turn, higher ranking on the search engine!

7. Look for resource pages

A resource page is a page that contains a link of all resources and websites that the owner may find it important for its audience and readers. For example, a website for MBA study material may contain links of websites that specify the best colleges for MBA or top B-schools for MBA. You can similarly search for other keywords that are associated with your topic of writing and include those in your content. This will make sure that your article is SEO friendly, which means it will be getting a high rank in the search engine! The SEO link building process will get easier if followed this way!

8. Testimonials

Testimonials are nothing but reviews! Suppose there is a company of beauty products and services and you have purchased some products from their site. You can submit a review praising the product and its effects. This testimony can help you in gaining backlinks for your website as well! This is like a trading system where you provide a testimony for their product and services and in turn, they provide you with backlinks for your website. This will increase audience views in your website as well as customers will be relieved to buy items from their website! Again, the one thing you need to keep in mind is your testified product or service should be relevant to your website.

9. Interviews

Having people to interview online for your website is one of the best ways to get getting free backlinks. For following this method, you have to do a thorough research about the websites and online portals that are of the same genre as your website and conducts interviews. Once you get in touch with them and manage to have an interview, it is sure that your website will get good amount of backlinks with this help. If you are good at the interview thing, the next thing that would follow is invitations to other interviews!

10. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing where known faces or celebrities advertise your products/services and it is one of the trending marketing techniques. When you approach any influencer with this deal, they promote your website, write for you, and advertise you and all these, in turn, leads to your link building. All you need to do is find a good influencer and strike up a good deal that will benefit both the parties at a reasonable cost!

11. Reclaim mentions

Sometimes it so happens that other websites mention about your product/service and mention you but does not add your website link to their write up and as a result, you missed a chance of having a backlink! In such cases, you need to find out the mentions about your website and reclaim it. However, finding such things is not an easy task. There are tools available for it that will help you find out your mentions. This process is known as reclaiming your mentions.

12. Fix broken links

There are times when we find a page saying ‘404 error’, which means that the page is temporarily unavailable. As a website builder, you need to take this opportunity for creating backlinks to your website! You need to find out their resource page and have a direct contact with them. If your website and their website is of the same genre, you can improve and modify their information and start it afresh in your own website- creating more backlinks!

13. Moving Man Method

‘404 error’ is a notice, which means that the page is temporarily unavailable and there is a potential chance of it to emerge back again. Moving man method is the method to find out related pages or websites that is gone permanently, changed their service/product or changed names. Taking information from those websites and updating them in your own way is a great way to build backlinks.

14. Keep a check on your competitors

While handling and managing a website, the primary focus would be on your website (without a doubt!) but also, it would be on the competitors’ websites! Checking out their blogs and the way they handle their backlinks, ways that they are using to generate more backlinks is one of the main ways to keep your website on track and at par with the competitor websites. You can always follow their strategy or have a better strategy for the same!

15. Journalists and reporters

Collaborating with a journalist or any reporter for getting your website story covered in the media is a good way for link building to your website! The reporters can cover your story and the relevant information about your website and post it in their own way, using your links to their content. This will help in generating backlinks to your website from external source and hence, your audience outreach and SEO ranking would increase in no time!

In Closing:

Today, creating a website is not enough but it is all about running the website successfully by incorporating all the trends in your content. In this ever-changing world of the Internet, you need to adapt yourself along with it too, so that there is no chance of you been left out! The mentioned points are some classic yet easiest ways to generate backlinks to your website that will help you increase your SEO ranking in the search engines. Therefore, without any doubt, pick out the best way for you and start working on it to have a good outreached website within no time!

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