5 Social Media Ideas to keep your Brand’s Feed Fresh

It would not be wrong to say that the world is now social media driven. Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platforms, people are in for all of them! Apart from the emerging digital marketing, social media marketing is one of the trending marketing techniques that you need to follow, in order to sustain in this globally competitive world. However, some days can be dreading tired, when all you think about is “how to post the next content in an interesting manner?”

While people spend most of their time in social media platforms, it might be difficult for a company or a brand to keep up with the everyday social media posts and ideas. You need to lay out a good and successful social media marketing strategy with utmost care, for your company to reach the maximum of its targeted audience, and of course, higher reach! Before knowing the top 5 social media ideas to keep your brand’s feed fresh, let us first know why social media management is important today.

Why do you need to know social media management?

The importance of social media in our lives is impeccable! Keeping up a page of your brand just for the sake of keeping it, is not going to benefit your organisation in any way. Social media management is a small yet significant segment of your business. When you have something to post every day, it is important to find new ways to deliver the information. This is because of the simple fact that people get bored easily! You need to change and twist your social media strategy in a sleek manner. For that, the article further provides you with 5 ideas to keep your audience hooked to your feed!

Top 5 social media ideas:

  1. Instead of posting a write-up, post a video

When the whole world is in for some audio and visual effect, what retains you from trying it? Statistics and analytics shows that maximum traffic is been driven through videos. People prefer watching a 2-minute video on any topic than reading something! Instagram, Facebook and Twitter gives you the option of making videos and sharing them in a variety of ways. You can do a live session with your audience, make a short 1-minute video and post it or even make a long video and post it on YouTube. Change your way of posting the videos often, so that your target audience stays hooked to your feed!

Pro tip- convert the information into videos, which is meaningful and convertible into videos.

2. Share company news

Social media marketing is all about connecting with your audience and making them believe in your venture! Apart from sharing information about your business, why not share some exciting news as well! While you are opting for this social media strategy, make sure that your company news is personalised and supported by a short video or photo. For example, if your company received an industry award, you can share this piece of amazing news with your audience with a post followed by a celebration photo or video! This way, your audience will get more engaged with your brand, which will in turn, generate traffic to your sites and feed!

3. Host an AMA session with your audience

With the invention of new features and technologies, it is not quite difficult to attract audience in your venture, if your social media marketing strategy works out well! Started from Reddit and now getting popular in Instagram, AMA or Ask Me Anything is like a question-answer session with your followers and audience. They can ask you questions related to your business, which they want to know about and you can answer them by your mode of choice. Either it can be a simple write up, a photo or a short video posted! This is one of the amazing ways to connect with your audience and know their desires better.

4. Repurposing your content

You can post the same content in your YouTube channel and Instagram post but in a different way! This is called repurposing the content. In social media platforms, it is a loss if you post all the same things everywhere, so why not improve a bit? Suppose, there is a video that you want to post. You can post the full video in your YouTube channel and a sneak peak of it in your Instagram handle! Once your audience gets interested in seeing the 1-minute clip, they will definitely go on to YouTube to see the full video! This will help you increase your reach and get good response from your audience.

5. Tie up with other brands

In this era of social media marketing, co-marketing is a win-win situation for both the ends! Co-marketing is, when you team up with other brands and promote their products or services from your feed along with your own products or services. This benefits both the parties because each of you gets to the audience of the significant other! This increases your brand’s reach and targeted audience. It is easy to sync up with other brands in Instagram and Facebook because of its wide reach.

Pro tip- do not pair up with your competitors, but select a brand that has similar audience like yours.

In Closure:

Social media platforms has a huge impact on you for running your venture successfully. If your brand’s social media marketing strategy is at par with your competitors or have an edge over them, it is just a matter of time when you will have a greater lead! As mentioned above, keeping up with the social media post is not enough to keep your venture strong and ahead. For that, you need to have a proper social media management. The world is now small, hence, it is just your efforts that will take your brand at the top to be the best in the world!